How do I post jobs?

You must first become a member of this web site. To do this, fill out the Employer Registration form. This form will store your Default Contact Information in our Employers database. You will choose a password and a User Name. When you register initially, you will be able to see your Employer number in the Default Contact Information page.

After this, you may use the Job Posting form, by entering your User Name and password in the Employer Password page. Whenever you post your jobs, your Default Employer Contact Information will be automatically entered into the jobs you post. All you have to enter is the specific information about that job. Each job must be approved before it will be displayed. Allow a day or 2 for your job to appear in the Search Results page.

How do I change my Default Employer Contact Information?

When you enter your Employer Number and password in the Employer Password Page, you will be taken to the Employer Services page. This page has a form containing the information in the database. Make your changes in this form, and press the "Save Changes" button. Your default contact information will be updated, both in the Employers Table, and in all the jobs which you have previously posted.

How long will my jobs be posted?

By default, the jobs posted will expire 6 months, although you may elect to post a job for a shorter period of time, when posting or editing the job. Once the job has expired, it is marked "unapproved." After 45 days, the job is permanently deleted from the database. At any time before the 45 days period, you may elect to extend the posting. This is done through the Job Listing page.

How do I search resumes?

The Resume Search form contains multiple fields for searching the Resume table. Once you have defined your search and submitted the form, you will be shown a list of matching resumes. Click on the link to any resume to see the entire resume, in a printable form.

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